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"Exercițiu" la Școala de Vară
(Valeriu Antonovici)

Societies that neglect the past have no future

Dennis DeletantDennis Deletant is the new president of IRIR’s board The well-known British historian, professor at the School of Slavonic and East-European Studies, University College, London, is the new president of IRIR’s board. He is taking over from Coen Stork, the founder of our institute. Coen Stork, former Dutch ambassador to Romania, has been at the helm of IRIR for 10 years. Dennis Deletant has been on IRIR’s board since 2003. Seen as the most knowledgeable foreign expert on Romania’s recent history, Dennis Deletant has published numerous books and articles, of which we mention a few: “Ceaușescu și Securitatea” (Humanitas) “Teroarea comunistă în România: Gheorghiu-Dej și statul polițienesc, 1948-1965” (Polirom) “Security Intelligence Services in New Democracies: The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania” (Macmillan) “Romania and the Warsaw Pact, 1955-1989” (Politeia) “In and Out of Focus. Romania and Britain. Relations and Perspectives from 1930 to the Present” (British Council) “Hitler’s Forgotten Ally. Ion Antonescu and his Regime, Romania, 1940-1944” (Palgrave Macmillan) “Holocaustul din România în documente ale celui de-al III-lea Reich. 1940-1944”, co-editor Ottmar Traşcǎ (Dacia)

The series of IRIR Encounters was launched in January with a meeting with Dorin Tudoran. The publishing of his document book I, their son – a Securitate file (Eu, fiul lor – Dosar de Securitate) (Polirom) was one of last year’s main editorial events in Romania. The book consists of a selection of secret police documents about Dorin Tudoran from 1976-1986. Dosar de SecuritateIt is, actually, not o book by Dorin Tudoran, but a book written by Securitate about Dorin Tudoran. “Not I wrote this book, it wrote me” – as Dorin Tudoran himself puts it. Dorin Tudoran was one of the rather few Romanian intellectuals who risked the open and uncompromising protest against Ceaușescu’s dictatorship. The encounter with Dorin Tudoran took place at the Institute, Bd. N. Bălcescu 21, entrance B, 4th floor. Speakers were Daniel Cristea Enache, Radu Călin Cristea, Liviu Antonesei, Silviu Lupescu (Polirom) and Dorin Tudoran.

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