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"Exercițiu" la Școala de Vară
(Valeriu Antonovici)

The Initiators of the Free Europe, Here project

We are former members of RFE’s Romanian Desk team, along with the Romanian Institute for Recent History (IRIR).

We want to produce a digital copy of RFE’s Romanian broadcasting archive so that it becomes accessible for all those interested in studying it.

We want to institutionalize the memory of Radio Free Europe for what this radio station has meant for the Romanians during the 40 years of communist dictatorship, but also during the first difficult and troubled years after 1989. We do this as a sign of respect for our listeners, and also as a homage to those of us – Noel Bernard, Cornel Chiriac, Vlad Georgescu, Mihai Cismarescu (Radu Gorun), Emil Georgescu, Monica Lovinescu, Virgil Ierunca and many others – who have dedicated their life to their radio programs, and who are no longer with us. We also do it as a gesture of gratitude towards the United States of America, without whom Free Europe wouldn’t have been possible.

We want that it be not forgotten.

Mircea Carp, Nestor Rateș, Gelu Ionescu, N.C. Munteanu, Liviu Tofan, Emil Hurezeanu, Ioana Măgură Bernard, Trudi Dumitrescu (Ioana Crișan), Justin Liuba, Alexandra Polizu, Edelina Stoian, Andrei Voiculescu, Radu Maltopol (Radu Teodor), Doina Alexandru, Constantin Xifta (Constantin Mănciulescu), Mihai Rusu, Hannes Acker (Radu Ioanid), Andi Ștefănescu, Crisula Ștefănescu, Horia Georgescu, Adrian Niculescu, Dinu Calcianu, Ion Cicală, Mihai Dim. Sturdza, Ion Dumitru, Gilda Lazăr, Alexandra Gătej, Radu Călin Cristea, Sorin Faur, Marius Oprea, Horațiu Pepine, Filip Florian, Brîndușa Armanca, Dorina Rusu, Cristian Teodorescu, George Arun, Liana Ionescu, Nucu Rădulescu, Cristi Stanciu.